11CA: Graphic Skill; Prac 2.0

Part B

1) Complete the following sentences.

  • A toolbox displays the available colours and patterns.
  • A text tool enters text in different fonts and sizes.
  • 2) True or false.
  • Bit-mapped graphics are raster graphics. False
  • Aliasing is a greater problem with greyscale or colour graphics than black-and-white. False

3) What graphic tool am I?

  • Fills an enclosed area with a chosen colour. Bucket tool
  • Removes unwanted parts from a graphic. Cropping
  • Creates an airbrush effect. Spray can

4) Answer these questions.

  • What is aliasing? Editing a bit-mapped graphic at an object level is often a problem. Enlarging the graphic enlarges each pixel, creating a staircase pattern known as aliasing or jaggies
  • When should you use a bit-mapped graphic? Bit-mapped graphics produce good quality images when shading and detail are required. They are excellent at manipulating detail in scanned images, such as photographs.

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